2020 International Conference on Computer Application and System Modeling

 Call for Papers

Topic 1: Computer Software

Embedded and Ubiquitous Software Engineering
AI and knowledge-based software engineering
Component-Based Software Engineering
Component-based software engineering
Computer supported cooperative work
Distributed and parallel software architectures
Patterns and Frameworks
Reflection and Metadata Approaches
Program Understanding
Software domain modeling
Object-oriented methodologies
Requirements Engineering
Software architectures and design
Software cost estimation
Software Domain Modeling and Meta-Modeling
Software Engineering Decision Support
Software Engineering Tools and Environments
Software Maintenance and Evolution
Software Process Modeling
Software product lines
Software Security
Software safety and reliability
Web and text mining
Web-Based Tools, Applications and Environment
Web-Based Knowledge Management
Web-Based Tools, Systems, and Environments
Multimedia Applications, Frameworks, and Systems
Multimedia and Hypermedia Software Engineering
Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Topic 2: Data Handling

Digital Cartography
Geospatial Data Integration
Geospatial Database and Data Infrastructures
Geospatial Data Modeling for Social Science
GISci for Sustainable Urbanization
GISci for Environmental and Urban Modeling
Interoperability of Heterogeneous Spatial Data Systems
Location-Based Services
Spatial and Spatio-temporal Information Acquisition
Spatial knowledge discovery and data mining
Spatial Data Retrieval and Dissemination
Spatial Decision Support Systems
Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms
Spatial Statistics
Spatiotemporal Modeling and Analysis
Spatial Data Quality and Uncertainty
Visualization of Spatial Data
Web and Wireless Applications in GIS
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing
Spectrum Estimation & Modeling
TF Spectrum Analysis & Wavelet
Higher Order Spectral Analysis
Adaptive Filtering &SP
Array Signal Processing
Hardware Implementation for Signal Processing
Speech and Audio Coding
Speech Synthesis & Recognition
Advanced Speech Synthesis: Toward high-quality and flexible speech synthesis
Image Processing & Understanding
PDE for Image Processing
Video compression &Streaming
Computer Vision & VR
Multimedia & Human-computer Interaction
Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition
AI & Neural Networks
Communication Signal processing
SP for Internet and Wireless Communications
Biometrics & Authentification
SP for Bio-medical & Cognitive Science
SP for Bio-informatics
Special Session on Signal Processing for Systems Biology
Signal Processing for Security
Radar Signal Processing
Sonar Signal Processing and Localization
SP for Sensor Networks
Image Processing
Data Mining

Topic 3: Information and Communication Engineering

Optical Fiber Communication
Digital TV / Image Communication
Computer Communications and Network Security
Wireless Communication Technology
Statistical Signal Processing
Bio IT
Intelligent Information Processing